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Test: Plasma, Frozen Within 24 Hours After Phlebotomy

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Transfusion Service Compatibility Testing & Product Services Plasma, Frozen Within 24 Hours After Phlebotomy

Plasma frozen within 24 hours after phlebotomy is prepared from a whole blood collection, separated and placed at -18 C or below within 24 hours from whole blood collection.  Units contain 200-250 mL on average.  This plasma component is a source of nonlabile plasma proteins.  Levels of Factor VIII are significantly reduced and levels of Factor V and other labile plasma proteins are variable compared with FFP.  Plasma should be infused immediately after thawing or stored at 1 to 6 C for up to 24 hours

Depends upon request; See TAT description Plasma in process for customer order will not be credited if cancelled or unused NA Transfusion Services Order Form TS 003